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Our Mission

ODA strives to drive the creative, technical, purpose-driven, and professional progress of design while cultivating an inclusive community that continuously propels the standards of design to new levels and equips the community with the recognition and tools needed to be successful.

Inclusive Accessibility

Ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to gain recognition for their hard work and creativity is extremely important.


Our dynamic pricing and competition structure allow everyone to access ODA's benefits, in an affordable, simple, and fair way.

Invaluable Credibility

All works go through a rigorous scoring process with our jury so that every piece is treated equally and held to the highest design standards in the industry.

You will have the opportunity to see your design score and receive invaluable feedback from our world-class jury, allowing you to improve and expand your skillset to reach your maximum potential.

Limitless Opportunities

Join an elite community of creatives and experts in multidisciplinary arts and become hyper-connected in the design world.
Gain exposure to opportunities that allow you to grow and expand yourself and your work. Whether a student, professional, studio, or agency, ODA benefits all.

Why ODA?

Our Core Principles

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Honoring Excellence in the World of Design

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D1 - Print Collateral (Brochures, Booklets, Postcards, Flyers, Stationary)

D2 - Publications (Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Posters)

D3 - Presentation & Document Design

D4 - Signage & Wayfinding (Displays, Banners, Events)

D5 - Packaging Design

D6 - Social Media Design

D7 - Product Design

D8 - Product Photography

D9 - Iconography

D10 - Typography

D11 - Architectural Design

D12 - Specialty Items



A1 - Illustrations

A2 - Anime/ Manga Art

A3 - Digital Art

A4 - Photography



MA1 - Marketing Campaign

MA2 - Advertising Campaign

MA3 - Social Media Campaign

MA4 - Event Marketing



B1 - Brand Identity (Logo, Colors, Typography, Guidelines)

B2 - Brand Collateral (Brand Visual System)

B3 - Brand Messaging

B4 - Brand Strategy



T1 - Website Design

T2 - UI/ UX Design

T3 - Mobile App Design

T4 - Desktop App Design

T5 - Game Design

T6 - Interactive Design

T7 - VR/AR Experiences



MO1 - Short Film (Animation)

MO2 - Storyboard Design

MO3 - Art Direction

MO4 - Digital Advertisements

MO5 - TV Advertisements

MO6 - Storytelling

MO7 - Motion Graphics

MO8 - Traditional Animation

MO9 - 2D Animation

MO10 - 3D Animation

MO11 - Stop Motion

MO12 - Whiteboard Animation

MO13 - Music Video

MO14 - Cinematography



S1 - Non-Profits

S2 - Environmental

S3 - Making a Difference

S4 - Social Good

S5 - Empowering Diversity

S6 - Unlisted Award




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