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Online Design Awards 2023 Annual Awards Ceremony — March 7, 2024

On March 7, 2024, Online Design Awards Celebrated our first year of competition with a virtual awards ceremony.

This ceremony celebrated the best in Art, Design, Marketing, Motion, Branding, Technology, and more for 2023. With over 100 nominees, the ceremony showcased submissions that moved, inspired, and motivated our design community for years to come.

We also gave our community an inside look at the inner workings of ODA, and how we continue our dedication to providing an accessible, inclusive, and credible competition.

Below you will find the Student, Professional, and Studio/Agency Winners for each of our 7 Categories.

To see more from these creatives, be sure to view our 2023 Annual Awards Winners’ Showcase.

If you weren’t able to tune in on March 7th, you can watch our Awards Ceremony here: Online Design Awards (ODA) — 2023 Annual Awards Ceremony

Online Design Awards Annual Winners for 2023:


Student Winner

Femme Floral consists of enchanting illustrations enhanced by 2D animation and poised to represent femininity and springtime. The delicate illustrations created a soothing piece that has you feeling comforted yet empowered.

Professional Winner

A unique children's book project that defies tradition. Rohan excelled in overcoming the creative challenge of developing a vintage art style that engages children in a grayscale format, doing justice to bird scientist Salim Ali.

Studio/Agency Winner

The Omnevue bespoke illustrations completed by Catch a Fire Agency transformed intricate and complicated ESG concepts into compelling narratives that underscore the significance of responsible business practices.


Professional Winner

This campaign celebrates the fusion of culture and sustainability in Abu Dhabi, emphasizing the pivotal role of the culture sector in advancing sustainable development goals. This initiative showcases their strong commitment to sustainable progress.


Sálim Ali  - Rohan Dahotre

Professional Winner

This inspiring motion graphics video conveys the importance of inclusion and diversity in a unique way, taking you on a journey where differing shapes represent diversity and the breadth of our personal roles we fill within the world.


LITERAL - Mehmet Gözetlik

Student Winner

A handbound publication aimed to narrate the endangered Basque Heritage with branding themed around the “Winter Sun,” the blue hues and shadows of this work make the piece stand out as beautifully elegant alongside layouts that take you on a serene storytelling experience.

David Faure Website Portfolio - David Faure

Professional Winner

A custom typeface developed alongside a comprehensive new brand identity themed around a visual strategy of "longing for a better" This typeface was key to establishing the brand as unique and something to be remembered.

Mythra - Faruk Yilmaz

Studio/Agency Winner

This packaging design echos the ethos of ethically sourced coffee with a focus on the origin of the content it holds. The meticulous thought and precision of the design mirrors that of the selection process of coffee beans from around the world.


AI Takes Over - Adchitects 

Student Winner

This remarkable student work stood out for its personality, showcasing a deep understanding of the brand’s essence and target audience.With a fun and playful brand, the vibrant colors bring joy through the screen and leaves everyone wanting a taste of the little mint.

Miseico - Giada Tamborrino Studio

Professional Winner

A Brand themed around wanting to “open the door to a better way of experiencing architecture.” From the B icon, representing a floor plan with light shining through to the use of straight lines and blocks represent architecture in an intentional way.

ZOVE - Davel Creative Agency

Studio/Agency Winner

Branding that merges retro appearance with a modern and sleek experience. Everything in this brand is intentional, from the vivid colors and photography to the sleek layout and illustrations that leave the eye satisfied and nostalgic.


LEGAT - ArtVersion

Professional Winner

A website that captures the skillset of creative Matteo. This website takes the audience through a fully interactive experience that is both easy to navigate yet engaging; allowing potential clients to feel confident entrusting Fabbiani with their own website development.

Omnevue - Catch A Fire Agency

Studio/Agency Winner

This innovative web design takes a complex topic and transforms it into something accessible and engaging. With fluid animations, eye-catching visuals, and a compelling story, the website succeeds in simplifying intricate concepts related to AI.


Student Winner - Social Good

An innovative and inclusive approach to counseling that allows college students the opportunity for anonymous counseling or words of encouragement. The playful and vibrant colors alongside brand mascot, Bluebeary, creates an approachable and positive brand persona for students.

Professional Winner - Empowering Diversity

An inspiring motion graphics video that conveys the importance of inclusion and diversity in a unique way. Every part of the video, from animation to script and voiceover is compiled beautifully and translates to an emotionally moving video.

Studio/Agency - Environmental

This visually stunning project informs and touches on the topic of the climate crisis. Using purely 2D elements in a manner that creates a 3D effect brings out the personality of the animals and presents information that informs the reader while not being overly intimidating.

Studio/Agency - Making a Difference

An informational website that discusses the overturning of Roe v. Wade and compiles information, resources, and interviews in a guided user experience that allows the audience to leave well informed, moved, and likely speechless.



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